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Marjolein offers private flute lessons to all levels of players. Each student is a unique individual and as a teacher, it is her job to understand the students needs and goals. Marjolein's experiences and her degree in music pedagogy give her the ability to offer and create special flute lessons designed for every student’s individual needs. ​

My goal is to help you develop the best version of yourself!

Everyone is unique and special, that is what gives different colors to the music when we play!"


Private flute lessons are offered to children and adults, starting from the age of 5. Lessons focus on fundamental skills needed to play the flute and lead students to become their own teacher. With a unique plan for each student, Marjolein helps them develop technical skills like even finger movement, production of a supple and flexible tone, different sound colors, clear articulation, musical interpretation and phrasing, understanding of music theory and music history, ear training and intonation, ensemble playing and performing skills.

Marjolein's background and knowledge in Body Mapping and Alexander Technique gives her the ability to incorporate postural awareness, a healthy mindset and controlled breathing into her flute lessons. She teaches students how to prevent pain and how to feel comfortable while performing. Marjolein wants to help her students in finding a tension free flute playing where there is space for confidence, fun and musical expression.


Aside of all the flute skills you are going to learn, the physical awareness you are going to build and the healthy mindset you will develop, also your own qualities, talent, ideas and creativity are parameters that will take a central place during the lessons.


“I've taken lessons with Mayo for a year and a half, and I've improved more than I thought possible in such a short time! Not only did she help me with technique and fundamentals of breathing (basics that are super - important that I tended to overlook), she also took the time to teach me musicality: how to interpret pieces, picking apart phrases, deciding where the important parts are, what to emphasize, how to keep the music moving, and how to tell a story with the music. Her classes are very well-rounded, and I look forward to growing more as a musician with Mayo's help!” 

—  Jill Douglas, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

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